Day 4 of the Butterfly chain stitch

Yesterday I realized with a start that I’d not practiced my curves and circles. And I had a terrible first trial. In fact, I might say I had a terrible stitching day. But that’s how some days are. Some major good things happened in other areas so perhaps my mind was focused elsewhere.

Now back to circles, if you can ignore everything else you may be able to see that the outside points could be connected to form a circle — of sorts.


My next attempt was to try a curve and see if touching points would help (see the top half of the photo below). That concept had worked in some of my lines earlier in the week. My evaluation: some improvement, worth another try or two to develop.


Since things were not going to well, I decided to take a break and in the course of that wandered over to the flicker account. Help was there! Vero had posted a tag with great examples of curves and circles. The bottom portion of the circle is my attempt to play with that idea. Thank you, Vero! I need a lot more practice. But I see real potential.

Here are some more attempts at curves. The first one is what I call my happy little line.


The next one is “on grid” play with an “off grid” idea from the other day. It attempts to use the build up of stitches to effect a curve as well as using the points along the top to give a rough outline of that same curve.


More on the line front.

A border line



A different arrangement of the semicircles. I think it needs a thinner thread and more and longer straight stitches.

My first attempt at layered lines


Not exactly as I wanted it, so here it is re-managed a bit.



2 Responses to Day 4 of the Butterfly chain stitch

  1. JoWynn Johns says:

    So many good ideas. Thank you.

  2. Andrea says:

    Interesting – I like these!

    If you take that top one (the 5 butterflies in a sort of circle) and turn it about 1/8th of a turn anticlockwise, it kind of looks like a funny little man, with spikey hair, standing with his legs apart and his arms outstretched (kind of like the man in that famous Lenoardo da Vinci picture, of the man in a circle, that seems to pop up in every book/etc about him).

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