Seeing beyond orange

I hope you’re able to see beyond orange in my samples. When I’m exploring I often use the same color so I see past the color and catch the pattern. It helps me decide the best pattern or rhythm without being influenced by color.

Here is a second version of the grid using the last stitch from yesteday’s post. The tie down thread weight is the same as the straight stitches and that affects the pattern but the major change is the staggered arrangement of the stitches.


Do you see the white diamond shape? I see one and that is one of the reasons this grid appeals to me.

Here is the third version of the basic stitch.


Now, here is the third version in a grid.


In this grid I see interconnecting orange circles. If I’d used a larger pattern sample it would be more inescapable. But I’d stitched enough for my sampler that I could recognize it. There are a lot of other shapes in this grid. For instance, a heavier tie down thread weight might have brought attention to the squares. And with the arrangement here below that may be what is noticed.


Definitely, not my favorite grid.

Now if not above, I think in these I’ve wandered over into a triple tied rice stitch rather than sticking with a butterfly chain stitch.

Here are some line versions:



Here is a grid:


You may be as happy to learn I ran out of orange thread as I was to stitch myself out of it last night!


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