Day 2 of the Butterfly chain stitch

Except for my tension problem I’m having a lot of fun with this stitch. I had to see what it would look like if there were two tie down rows. Now that I’ve seen what happened here, more ideas are popping up.


These next four photos show work inspired by Sharon b’s third sample. For some reason it reminded me of a rice stitch. A rice stitch with a tie down rather than a cross. So that is how I’ve worked it.


Here’s the first version a diamond. And its grid.


And here’s another version.


And below is one of the grids that could be done with this stitch. There is at least one more grid variation that I’ve done and that is perhaps better. Nevertheless, this one is an interesting design.


It seem to me that it would be much improved if the thin thread for tying was white. I have gotten away from using a thread the same color as the background to block out portions of a stitch, but I think it may be used very effectively in some patterns.


One Response to Day 2 of the Butterfly chain stitch

  1. This is such impressive work!

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