TSTC Week 20: The Butterfly chain stitch

This week Sharon b designated the butterfly chain stitch for the Take a Stitch Tuesdays challenge (TSTC). Her great introduction is full of lively examples. I found the last two and the grid at the top very inspiring.

Before I started I knew I would struggle stitching this one. My tension on the second journey for the twisted chain has never been up to par. I have some hope of improvement before the week is out. For now you’ll definitely notice some places where it’s not what it should be. But practice always helps!

For some unknown reason I started on a test piece. The cross stitches on the left were already there. Top line was a mere trial and then I just started playing with this butterfly chain stitch.


I wish this thread in this next photo had been a solid color. I may try it out that way before the week is out. This stitch reminds me of the some of the drawn thread work I’ve done. And in some ways I have more control over the straight threads. For instance in this line at every other spacing of the straight stitches, I made two threads come out of the same hole.


Now I think the instructions said straight stitches but it didn’t say parallel straight stitches so as you see on the line below I took advantage of that freedom.


I hated this line. But I saw something in it. And here is my first attempt at rescuing it. Another rule bent to the extreme with the chain stitch around one thread by itself in the middle line several times.


Update: I just re-read the instructions on this stitch and it doesn’t say parallel but it does say vertical. So perhaps I stretched the rules too much, but it’s done now. And I was blissfully ignorant.


2 Responses to TSTC Week 20: The Butterfly chain stitch

  1. There are *rules*??? Seems to me the whole point of the TAST is to think outside the envelope. I’m looking forward to your further development of this stitch – really like the bottom row (in green) of the first pic.

  2. Vero says:

    You have made a really great work on that stitch.
    This open new ways to me.

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