Last week I was honored by two tags. Both from stitchers that I enjoy so much and whose blogs I follow. If your are not familiar with them please do check their links. I think you will be pleased by the work you find there.

The first one was a thinking blogger tag from Carol-Anne Conway in her blog Threads across the Web.

Thank you, Carol-Anne!

I was tagged earlier on this and just said thank you, but I would like to tag Nancilyn’s What Bloggles My Mind blog today because she has had such great posts and makes me think. I’m always delighted by her stitching. I’ve posted just a few direct links but you might wish to poke around and I’m sure you will find many other interesting things as I have.

Stitching posts here and here. Also she has a flickr account (click on their button in the left hand side of her blog) that may be a quicker way to see all the beautiful pieces she’s done.

Thinking posts here and here.

Thank you for your blog, Nancilyn!

The second tag was a “7 things you won’t know about me” tag from Luci at Luci’s Creative Adventures.

Thank you, Luci!

I noticed that my posts and about page on this blog are generally limited to stitching in Sharon b’s Take a Stitch Tuesdays challenge (TSTC). I thought perhaps it would be fun for those of you who stop by often to find out a bit more.

1. I don’t drink coffee. Growing up I love the smell of it perking along with bacon frying in the morning. My parents finally thought I was old enough to taste it. I hated it! Some things just don’t live up to my expectations.

2. I’m loosing my hair. It started when I was about twenty. Pretty soon I’m going to be looking for a hat or cap to wear every day.

3. Despite the information in #1, I’m generally a slow decider. I like to think what if…

4. I love wild flowers. I gently tore apart selected samples on my walks home from school just to see all the very little parts and hidden colors. I loved investigating the veins and layers in the leaves, too.

5. My sister and I had a nature museum one summer in our garage. We also had a favorite perch up in a pine tree called “Dorothy”. It was very distressing to my mother because pitch conflicted with her idea of a clean wash. The view and the sounds were to wonderful to give up so we kept climbing and suffered the consequences.

6. I’ve never married; have no children, no pets. No nephews or nieces, either.

7. I’m thankful for God’s mercy, forgiveness and love based on the work of Jesus as reported in the scriptures. He gives me life, hope and purpose. I was raised in an agnostic/atheistic home. I read widely and by the time I was twenty evolutionary and existentialist ideas formed my opinions. Then I encountered the word and work of God. Slowly my heart and thoughts have been changing ever since.

Whose tagged next? It’s open to everyone mentioned above. Of course, Luci did her seven and tagged me. So Carol-Anne and Nancilyn, if you haven’t been tagged yet and would like to join in, please do. If I’m counting correctly, this means I’ve reserved four tags on the Thinking Blogger awards and five tags on the seven things meme. Are you allowed to reserve them? If so, I’ll be using them up in the next few months.


One Response to Extras

  1. JoWynn Johns says:

    I enjoyed reading about you, as I do check your blog every day. Maybe having no family demands means more time for stitching. When I see all your experiments, I get discouraged about my own lack of time for doing just that. But I’m grateful to you for all the pleasure I derive from seeing your stitches, and all the ideas I get from you.

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