Flowers and a border

I experimented with flowers yesterday but they didn’t fit in with the group I had earlier this week.

These two are set for a grid pattern.


This is the same base as above but I used a fly stitch to expand the petals.


Next I tried the expanding the petals with the Basque stitch only. I need a little more work on this! But I like the concept of wrapping those petals. And I think it could be carried over into a border, too. I want to try that later today.


My last flowers were just for fun. I kept adding as many Basque stitches around the center for petals as I could. I wish I’d made the leaf tie downs vertical instead of angled but they are still a cherry little line for a border.


Now to switch over to another type of border.

This idea popped into my mind.


It’s rather dense. I tried expanding it.


And then I tried separating the two lines.


There are a lot of possibilities with this, too. Here the stitches in each line are close together. Either packing them closer together or setting them farther apart would make a huge difference as would changing the length or angle of the tie down.

I finished Stitch Magic by Beaney and Littlejohn; it was good read for thinking about exploring and using stitches. It was sitting on a shelf in my LUBS (local used book shop). I picked it up not really knowing whether or not to buy it, but I’m so glad I did. In some ways it seems to be at the opposite extreme of The Proper Stitch by Darlene O’Steen (another find at the same LUBS). Her book lead me to earnestly started exploring stitches about five years ago.

Although there seems to be such a gulf between the two books, I see some principles that hold up in both books. And to me there seems to a couple of sharp contrasts that don’t fall out where I would have suspected.

3 Responses to Flowers and a border

  1. Maureen Bond says:

    Every one of your Basque works are lovely and the information is good too. I really like the ‘this popped into my mind’ lot. The variegated thread makes it look even better. What a great border this would make.

  2. Luci says:

    I enjoy seeing how you play and expand the TAST stitches each week. The basque flowers have a wonderful texture. I was also interested to hear what you think about the book Stitch Magic – as it is on my wish list!

    I was “tagged” to say 7 things about me on my blog and to pick a further 7 people who I would be interesting in finding more about. I have tagged you. Please don’t feel any obligation to do this.


  3. Misa says:

    All of these turned out quite lovely, but I think the second one down from the top is gorgeous. And the “puffy” flowers? Quite cute!!

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