Exploring the Basque stitch

I’ve been playing around with this stitch and having a lot of fun.

I tried some interlacing…some cross stitches


From there my thoughts move on to alternating the sides of the twisted loops on the Basque stitch.

I’m not sure if this becomes some other stitch or is still a variation on the Basque stitch. It is made it exactly like the Basque. If you know the name of this variation or if it’s some stitch, please let me know in a comment.

Another version of alternating. And again, I’m not sure if this makes it some other stitch or is not used because some other stitch does the same thing more efficiently.


A border — straight stitches filling in the center.


Off grid. I used straight stitches to fill in some of the loops and some of the spaces between lines of Basque stitches.




Recently I’ve been reading in Stitch Magic by Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn. I think it may have influenced my thoughts on a couple of ideas I tried last night. At the moment I can’t imagine piling on stitches as they have illustrated. Still I enjoy poking about in the book and reading what they have to say. I’m about half finished reading it. The photographs are wonderful.

One Response to Exploring the Basque stitch

  1. Kay Susan says:

    I always made a bee-line for your blog – you have so many ideas!

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