Following up

I did a few things I’d been thinking about this week and followed up on some of the suggestions I received from comments in the last post. Thank you Sharon b and Celeste for these great ideas! Wish I could have carried them out more perfectly, but it’s a start.

I’d used the Cretan stitch as a grid, Sharon b mentioned trying a chevron stitch. Looking at the stitch suggested a number of options for filling it in with a weave or whip. Here’s the one I tried.


Celeste mentioned a great way to do carnations and I love flowers. I don’t think I managed carnations! But it’s like when I’m outside in the woods or fields, I recognize flowers when I see them even if I don’t know what they are. On this embroidery I don’t know what I’ve stitched, but I’m sure they’re flowers.


Some more work on diamond and square wheels


Sharon b also suggested using a chain stitch as a grid for woven leaves. I had to try that, too.


And this was one of my ideas that worked out very differently than I expected.  The picture doesn’t really show that the second red loop is like the first and has the little open center. I’m going to be playing around with this idea a little more. It seems like there might be some potential for an interesting border. If any one has more ideas for me, please let me know; I’d sure have fun experimenting.



One Response to Following up

  1. maggie says:

    first time at your blog. enjoy seeing your interpretation of TAST. your colors are great and it seems that most of your work as a bit of a 3D quality. nice! i’ll be back.

    portland maine

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