Back to wheels…

at least for the most part. While playing with lines I kept thinking about using a Cretan stitch for a grid. Finally, tried it! Here are a few of those attempts.




I wanted to take that over to the wheel concept. The Cretan stitch can follow a curve, even if I have a problem making it do that.



Here is another trial without any Cretan stitches, practice curves.


The bead just wouldn’t take as many threads as I wanted to feed through it. I had to settle for a semicircle. But I had a lot of fun with this and called it my blue sunset.


I had to try a flower. It’s not a wheel, but at least it is a small arc. A little weak, but I could see it blowing in the strong spring winds we’ve been having in the central valley the last few days.


5 Responses to Back to wheels…

  1. sharonb says:

    These samples are spectacular! You can also weave herringbone, knotted creten, chevron, fly stitch, arrow stitch, and numerous other stitches anything with two or three bars- loose chan stitches can be woven too and they look like leaves –

    sorry for the babble – as usual I love your samples

  2. celeste says:

    Jane Nicholas uses a whipped spider web stitch to make carnations in her stumpwork book. You lay an odd number of spokes in a semi-circle (like your blue sunset) and whip from the center outwards, almost to the ends. The base of the flower is padded satin stitch. I like your orange flower…it makes me think of golden poppies.

  3. Corina says:

    Your ideas are, like always, just great! I think you enjoy the TAST challenge more than anybody else, good for you!

  4. ElizabethD says:

    by now i’ve almost come to expect exceptional ideas in your posts, but these ideas are even more amazing than usual. please picture not just a tip of the hat but a deep bow with a lengthy flourish of the hat — i get so much pleasure watching you at work and reading your blog!

  5. neki rivera says:

    i really like your idea of using cretan stitch. i’m a newbee in this league and just keep to what is suggested only varying slant spacing and grist.
    thanks for the inspiration

    neki desu

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