Square wheels and a mitten

These are more attempts at wheels. But done on a cross stitch grid, they look pretty square or rectangular.


They are all whipped — some are whipped over (left) and some are whipped under (right). The shadows on the left give some indication of how much height is gained when whipping over. And the effect looking straight down on the top is similar to the woven, but you don’t have to be concerned with having an odd number of spokes.

Here are some more shapes on a cross stitch grid. The long blue-purple curve is a straight stitch grid where the first and last wrap was whipped over and the middle was whipped under. It produced and interesting texture and is one of my planned experiments when I have a few minutes later.


This sample shows trials like my half and half idea from yesterday, part whipped over and part whipped under on the same grid. The orange thread is whipped over in the middle and whipped under around the edge. The blue-purple, the reverse.


Next is a buttonhole grid for the yellow-green thread. The inner part of the curve is woven, the outer edge whipped under. I forgot to grab beads on my way out the door this morning. So not much practice on that idea yet.


Now the mitten! Another idea about woven and whipped combined. Well, I don’t know what happened to the thumb. But I gave up on the idea of making a pair, in a hurry.



2 Responses to Square wheels and a mitten

  1. Corina says:

    Great composition! I can “see” the movement…

  2. Bernadette H. says:

    I love the reverse stitch you did. It really makes the wheel come alive.

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