Half and Half

Half and half, meaning half milk and half cream, is a common product descriptor in my job where we deal with milk carton art. And my samples are half and half, part woven and part, whipped.


I also decided to try a wheel with part woven and part whipped

tstc18bhandhctrwhipped.png the center whipped

tstc18bhandhctrwoven.png the center woven

Below the grid is whipped with red and I tried switching sides as I whipped, too. Not very successfully, that idea needs to be abandoned or else it needs more work! This also seemed too much like a buttonhole stitch. Perhaps I could try a buttonholed curved line and then whip or weave that. The yellow threads are just couched.


I seem to be getting off to a slow start on working with wheels this week. I learned one more thing that didn’t work well. Here it is.


Yesterday, I was worried about how to make the curved line (below) work if was was a longer line. I thought I’d try running the grid lines the other way (horizontally in the picture above) and then weave. Not good, unless you want jagged edges on the curves!


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