TSTC Week 18: The Whipped and Woven Wheels

The TSTC stitches from Sharon b for this week are whipped and woven wheels. She has a wonderful introduction. There are so many ideas to get us jump started that I hardly could make up my mind what to try first. And what a great tip for attaching beads in the introduction.

Here are my first few woven samples. I’m going to try whipped today.

I started out with two semi circles.

first tstc18aodd.png second tstc18aeven.png

No, somehow they did not work well for me. I decided I had to have a more gradual curve. Here’s my attempt. The texture is nice and is raised off the cloth, but I’m not quite sure about managing the thread I was weaving in and out if the grid had been longer as for instance in a border.


Next I tried a grid where some of the weaving was not supported by a grid but wrapped around. This is a little hard to see but I’m please with the texture. It’s definitely is not a photo-friendly line for an amateur like me.

the grid tstc18acurvetightgrid.png
and then the weave


If you think I’m off rhythm in posting this week, you are correct. My boss is on vacation. That means early I’m off to work before there is good light for photos outside. I think this is going to be a challenging week stitch wise for me and I’m looking forward to it.


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