Circles and more

If you see red and green arranged in a circle, do you think Christmas wraths? I do. And how I ever got on this color combination in April, I don’t know.




Now these colors are a little more spring like.


I did move away from circles but I’m back to red and green. Two way darning patterns are a special love of mine, although I’m not very skilled in them yet. Here is a simple one to see the outline of what’s happening.


This photo below shows where I moved from a one way border to a two way border. When done in identical shinny thread the vertical stitching may appear to be a different color than horizontal in certain lighting.


When stitching a darning pattern I was taught to leave a little loop on the back of the fabric as I move to the next row of stitching. It’s certainly been a help in keeping the proper tension.

Another example of two way stitching pattern,


2 Responses to Circles and more

  1. Kay Susan says:

    I like ALL of these. Clearly your mind is running on complementary colours!

  2. Marty52 says:

    Oh, the last one is really yummy!

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