Running stitch in ethnic embroidery

One of my favorite things about the running stitch is darning patterns. A couple of years ago that led me to a wonderful site by Phyllis Maurer, Ethnic Fiber Art. Two of the ethnic embroideries based on darning patterns are kogin and nyzynka, from Japan and the Ukraine respectively. Phyllis is a very good teacher and I was privileged to take her nyskynka class back then. I also purchased one of her kogin instruction books. Her work is beautiful and she teaches so many other ethnic embroideries as well. While I can only point you to her website, the pieces I saw in person at the CATS festival where she was teaching were breathtaking. Here are a couple of my samples based on some kogin patterns.



In some ways nyzynka is even more beautiful and I wish now that I’d pulled out my samples from that to photograph today also. But please do poke around Phyllis’ site if you haven’t visited it before. Her samples are far better than anything I can do in this discipline and well worth seeing, I think. She has links to many other interesting spots, too.

Ethnic embroidery is a favorite of mine and I’m so glad that it is drawing the attention and skills of many stitchers today. It’s a pleasure to know this type of needlework is being learned, used and preserved. Some very exciting news in this regard is that Phyllis is scheduled to teach classes in nyzynka and schwalm at the 2008 EGA National.

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