Threading and Looping

In addition to Sharon b’s introduction to the running stitch, her stitch dictionary index, under the entry ‘running stitch’, holds treats on interlacing and threading them. Seeing those examples expanding my thinking about what I wanted to experiment with this week.

I took a very simple grid


And started playing with it. It looks rather like Christmas since I laced everything with a green thread. Some of these would be better in one color but I wanted to do my samples in contrasting threads so that it would be easier to tract what was happening on the grid. This was the second attempt. My tension is not the best. And the looping looks a little slanted to the left.


I had to rethink coming in and out of the grid stitches. I tried a few more here.

tstc17cgridemb.png tstc17clineloops.png

Then I decided to expand the grid a little

tstc17ccactus.png I call this my cactus plant. It is a mirror image with two vertical threads between the grids.

The next is five rather than three grid lines.

tstc17clinediamondctr.png As you may notice I didn’t use all the grid stitches in this pattern or in the third sample. But I left them sitting there and overall they seemed to add something positive.

I couldn’t forget to practice my circles and curves. I didn’t get too far on this and my circle is definitely not as round as one might wish. It struck me as looking more like a rounded diamond than a circle. But I keep plugging away and have a good laugh over some of my efforts! I’m determined that one day I will work them with ease and they will look like circles, arches and curves.


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