TSTC Week 17: The Running Stitch

This week Sharon b named the running stitch as our TSTC stitch. It’s a favorite of mine because I love darning patterns which is one use of the running stitch. Although I know this stitch, I’ve never tried to do the threading and lacing Sharon shows in some of her examples. She always provides something captivating and new to me in the weekly introductions. If you’re thinking about becoming involved with TSTC, please check out the information. I’m learning so much from Sharon and all the other stitchers each week.

The other thing I’m so excited about today is that Sharon’s on-line class about free form textured hand embroidery is ready for enrollment. The class is called Sumptuous Surfaces and the link takes you to the description on Joggles. The class starts July 11. If the subject interests you, please take a look and see if it wouldn’t suit you. Last fall I took one of Sharon’s class about developing a personal library of stitches. It was a great class! Sharon’s material was extensive and well illustrated. The Joggles’ forum provided an easy way of interacting both with Sharon and classmates.

I’ve already been doing experiments with the running stitch! Here are a few.






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