Winding up on the Palestrina stitch

I’ve been back to lines for the most part except on my off grid work. There I’ve been doing curves and more–it’s just not ready for the camera this morning. It was really early when I snapped these pictures. The blueness you’ll see in most of them is that early morning light playing havoc with the photos.

Here are the lines. The first two and the last are my favorites.



tstc16efanline.png This line is OK but when I actually use it I will spread it out further to make the line more graceful. Another way to do that would be to decrease the contrast between the height and depth of the of the stitch line. Right now it is twelve threads, eight threads might be better and I could have eliminated the little area with no knots between the groups of stitches.


tstc16ebluediamondline.png This line was a great disappointment. I should have been using a solid colored thread or one with less contrasts.

Isn’t it hard when you see some thing that is going the wrong way and you just don’t know how to rescue it? That’s what happened with this line. I made it, didn’t like it and made two efforts to rescue it. No wonder the results are a little muddy! Fortunately, not all my rescues turn out so badly. This, I suppose, is the reason I don’t quickly abandon a trial once I see it going wrong.

tstc16egreenrevdiamondline.png This line would make a great fill, too, and would add the contrast of the positive diamond shape to the reverse diamond evident here in the line.


One Response to Winding up on the Palestrina stitch

  1. jizee6687 says:

    I like all of them

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