Texture in line

Here are a few highly textured trial lines using the Palestrina stitch. School girl work only! For inspiration please look at else where. There is a lot of great work showing up from others involved in the TSTC. I’ve been out looking around this morning and it has been inspiring me.

tstc16dtextureline2.png I love the dense feel of this one.

I wish I’d thought to couch a fat threads top and bottom under the prongs of this next one. That will be an exploration for today.


Trying out a variation here. The first one is too lacy for my taste I like the second better. I think I better try some beads to fill in the spaces in the first one.

tstc16dtexture2.png tstc16dtexture1.png

My favorites are these last two


knots on the curve above and knots along the straight line below


And next are some rather failed attempts at leaves. I like the last one of the four, an attempt at an oak leaf, and actually the second one I tried to stitch. I definitely was not improving as I went along. The second one in the line is actually my last attempt. You can see why I haven’t have the heart to try any more, yet!



2 Responses to Texture in line

  1. Kate says:

    The leaves are great. I am inspired by all the many trials and variations you come up with for the TAST stitches.

  2. Madyh says:

    Great variations – I really like the knots on the curve going above and below the line is terrific. I have to go try this.

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