Tiny flowers and shine

I worked on some tiny shapes the other day. Two of them seemed rather unlikable to me.


Rather than abandon them, I decided to stitch some more just like them and decorate them with beads. I think they shine now.


And I thought the tiny diamond would make a flower or two. The leaves and grass are made using Palestrina stitches, too.


More shine added by gold and silver tone beads.



Ribbon can be shiny, too. I’d always wondered how I would use this ribbon with the little loops on each edge.


With the Palestrina stitch a thought came to mind. So I tested it with one, two and three plies of Watercolors.




Oops some of my stitching is not shining. I see I need to go back and fix up a few mistakes.

Have you noticed this stitch is rough on threads? Whenever I’ve had to fix my samples this week. I’ve had to just pull out the old and put in new threads. Of course, I should always do that but I often don’t for my own samples.


One Response to Tiny flowers and shine

  1. Corina says:

    The flowers, the leaves and the grass are a great idea! I do not comment all the time, but I appreciate all your samples.

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