TSTC Week 16: The Palestrina Stitch

This week our TSTC is the Palestrina stitch. Sharon b has done an excellent job of introducing this stitch to us. Her stitch dictionary adds even more information and examples. While there, I took time to click on the variations that she lists for this stitch, too. For me it’s always great fun to explore her dictionary; I learn so much.

I’m starting out very slowly on this stitch tstc16asingle.png

The simple stuff first tstc16agroup.png

Then venturing out a little


I found a helpful link while going through my bloglines account last night. Mary Corbet at Needle’N Thread has posted some very interesting information, links and a video on this stitch. Thank you Mary!

That helped and influenced me as I tried these two lines.

tstc16areddiagonal.png tstc16avertical.png

I sure need more work on perfecting these stitches. Right now I have no intuitive feel for a good spacing of the knots. For me that hopefully comes with practice.

I tried a another idea here.

All by itself


Beside another strip

tstc16areversearrow1.png tstc16apositivearrow1.png

As a fill



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