Winding up when half explored

That’s what I keep doing with all these weekly stitches–wind up what I can with lots of things to explore in spare time and head on to the next stitch. The last couple weeks I’ve started making sketches of things I wanted to do but don’t have time to stitch. I’m tempted to call a halt and explore more exhaustively. But the desire to go on and learn more stitches wins.

I look forward to what Sharon b comes up with for TSTC each week. When I see a stitch I don’t know or dread, I think well I could do at least this much. And before I know it, just like this week, I’m finding how useful a stitch it is.

tstc15fweaving.png weaving a thread around a string of oyster stitches.

tstc15fvine.png a vine like thread between the off set oyster stitch string

tstc15fcouchingthickthin.png Three interlocking oyster strings couching some thin threads–I could just visualize this repeating to fill up a shape. Or with a few little adjustments, I could see fence posts strung with barbed wire.

A couple more ideas to in order to keep working on curves and circles.


I bought a pen with ink that disappears over time when exposed to the air. It did indeed! Less than one hour and I couldn’t see the marks anymore.



One Response to Winding up when half explored

  1. Corina says:

    The last samples are impressive!

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