Revisiting and reworking

I wanted to add a bit more to work on the oyster stitch. This stitch is amazing me and frustrating me! I’ve been making sketches of what I want to do with it. But stitching them keeps surfacing problems. I’ve been ripping or abandoning about half of what I’ve been stitching. I keep wanting to try more options and stitch more of my sketches. Some times I laugh at myself, why do I keep going when I keep failing? I’m like a little one who keeps trying to walk no matter how many bumps!


To continue overcoming curves and circles I stitched two more attempts. In the first I abandon all hopes of a laurel wreath and just added two flowers. Two more problems surfaced: flower centers and centering of the right flower in the curve.


I’ve been whip stitching and making small loops to bring greater control to the thread between the oyster stitches.

a spiral couching some radiating lines


And then with the purpose of improving ideas from previous days–these re-dos. In the first the ribbon is still showing, but it’s looking better. As previously evident, I did find smaller beads; the results are in the second.

tstc15eleafcouching.png tstc15ebeadsandpearls.png


3 Responses to Revisiting and reworking

  1. Sharon b says:

    I like the combination with beads – they are great

  2. Doreen says:

    I love your samples Elizabeth

  3. Annie W says:

    I love what you are doing with the TAST Stitches, The beads between the oyster Stitches work really well

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