The big and the small

I tried out a new tool in Photoshop Elements–text. I wanted to put the names of the threads I was using beside the sample. I hope it makes it easier to follow what I was testing. I wanted to also try an experiment about how big I could make the stitch (fourth from top). I don’t think I exhausted that! If I’d kept repeating the loops I think I could have gone a few more rounds, but I’m not sure how sturdy this would be for any thing that gets significant use.



Here I was thinking about how long I could make the stitch. But as you may guess with the blue ribbon showing through I wasn’t too happy with this project. My solution may be to try some tests where I deliberately plan for the ribbon to show through–just no time for more tests today.

Another couching idea and then an idea for which I need a different size bead–unable to locate any locally so far. Oops, now I remember where I should try–perhaps another problem solved and more fun ahead! I’d love to try this as a spiral with a small bead.

tstc15drickrack.png tstc15dredandsilver.png


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