TSTC Week 15: The Oyster Stitch

Sharon b has written a wonderfully illustrated introduction to this week’s stitch, the oyster stitch. It looks like so much fun. And I love the seam treatments she showed us.

I tried a few things and found it a relaxing little stitch. I just let my imagination carry me along. … Oh, no! I just went over to make the stitch dictionary link and I think all my oyster stitches are wrong! I always print out the dictionary instructions and the introductions to use until I know how to do the stitch. But this week my printer has been balky and says it can’t find some file it needs. I had to do some errands with a wait time attached. So I dashed out the door with my on-the-road-kit and worked away happily never dreaming I was messing up. I must say I can’t be too sad about this since stitching is such a good stress reducer when I have to wait. Well, in case you didn’t see the evidence before, now you know I do these postings off the cuff. Maybe I’ll pretend this is a slight variation and post the pictures anyway…look for the real stuff in a day or two!

tstc15aflower.png tstc15astrip.png




One Response to TSTC Week 15: The Oyster Stitch

  1. Lynne of the Dancing Rose says:

    It may be the “wrong” stitch, but it’s still really, REALLY pretty! I really like the way you’ve combined it to create the geometrical design, and the flowers and leaves are just great! Don’t suppose you’d care to post a ‘how-to’ on it, would you?

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