More dealings with the bonnet stitch

I’ve been practicing more curves (See last photo and paragraphs of previous post for my concerns there. And I’m still interested in any comments on this.). As you can see the less extreme angle made the stitch more stable. Not quite the same look so I added a few beads to the next practice curve. To me it was interesting to notice in each curve the angle second stitch of the first bonnet on the right looks similar the angle of the first stitch of the bonnet on the far left.


Here is another example of using the stitch when it became unstable but this time fixing it with a little horizontal straight stitch.


A small dense texture piece. I love the texture on this, but it is blown up to show the details so the impact of the texture is somewhat lost.


Some off grid craziness–just playing with curves and extremes.


I loved the very bottom left area of this photo above. It made me think of the stone fences of New England where I grew up. It is made by the bonnet stitch as is almost everything except for the obvious straight and chain stitches.


More attempts at curves and circles, I’m trying to overcome that weakness, but I’m still in practice. No perfection yet!


2 Responses to More dealings with the bonnet stitch

  1. tenar72 says:


    Your samples are a great inspiration, like every week. I especially like how you have arranged the stitches to form stars or flowers. Your off grid sample is nice, too. I have played with bonnet stitch too, but not yet uploaded it. It is ingredible what you can do with all the stitches.


  2. Kate says:

    You never cease to amaze me. What you can do with these stitches. You are truly inspiring. Your off the grid craziness is fantastic!! I would love to see you break out off the grid and commit to a larger piece, like do a landscape or a floral bouquet. You have a natural affinity with the thread and needle, and that is a gift, my friend.

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