Lines, a fill and some couching

One of my favorite lines with the bonnet stitch came about because I stopped by Annies Crazy World blog early in the week and saw her seam treatments with the bonnet stitch. I’m always learning so much every time I stop by her blog. If you’re not familiar with it, I think it is well worth taking time to go through. In this case, her third and fifth photos captured my attention and when I had time to stitch later on in the day this little line just flowed out from having seen her idea. Thank you, Annie!


I’ve been trying other little experiments with lines as the week has progressed. Here are a few more. And since you may notice the change in threads, please attribute it to my latest visit to the LNS.

tstc14dclosedline.png A closed bottom and top idea

If I had any foresight this next one would be stitched in green, to me it looks like a row of sprouts that have just popped up out of the ground. It’s based on a rick rack idea.


I whipped the bottom of the stitches to get this effect


Here’s the fill


And some couching



One Response to Lines, a fill and some couching

  1. Mary Corbet says:

    I love the couching example! And the first zig-zag one is great! Nice work!

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