TSTC Week 14: The Bonnet Stitch

I’m caught again! Another stitch I was turning up my nose at and here it is in SharonB‘s introduction to TSTC week 14. I needed her dictionary for this one.

tstc14arow11orig1.png Following directions


tstc14arow22oppositetwis.png Opposite twist

I think I learned how to do the stitch but I was still turning up my nose and feeling discontent with its looks. I kept trying to manipulate it into something I could warm up to. All of the examples below except the first have a tipped bottom. While nothing strikes my fancy yet, I had tons of fun messing around. This stitch has so many places to tweak! That fact alone should keep me happy until next Tuesday.

tstc14arow12alternatingtwis.png alternating twists

tstc14arow14.png meeting tops

tstc14arow16.png long short mirrored with meeting tops

tstc14arow24.png long short with a normal tops

tstc14arow25.png long short with overlapping tops


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