Shrubs and trials

The first quarter of 2007 is completed today. This coming week we will begin the second quarter of Sharon b’s TSTC! If you haven’t joined in please do think about giving it a try. There is still so much ahead to learn and explore.


My explorations this week have been both “off” and “on grid” work. The basic structures that make the “off grid” piece are all knotted Cretan stitches. But I covered a lot of it up once I got working on it. I’m feeling a little disappointed about not having that stitch shine through more. But it’s not finished yet!



As you see I here, I’m still working on the idea of multiple knots. I rounded these more by pulling the knots tighter. The height of the stitch is not more than about 5 threads, so that has a big impact, too. I love the texture. I probably should have turned it 90 degrees. I can see the basic outline of some little growing plant. I still like the earlier ones better, however.


The first line on the next photo is an overlap of two lines above.


And the last three lines show my test on the difference spreading the stitch makes. I think now I should test the height. And then both together? I should never run out of variables to test, if I would as my mom says, put on a thinking cap. Whatever that means, I’m sure it would help.


3 Responses to Shrubs and trials

  1. corina says:

    I fall en love with your first sample! I will not give up the cahllenge, even if it is for the chance to see the work of so many talented ladies!

  2. alice m says:

    Elizabeth, I’m catching up with your blog and want to say thank you for all your examples. I fell out with knotted cretan because I just couldn’t seem to work out how to do it! Having decided I wouldn’t be going back to this stitch, I’ve seen your work and changed my mind.
    Thank you as well for your lovely examples of couching stitches that are both inspiring and helpful.

  3. Sharon b says:

    These samples are just great – they make me wich I had a tad time before I post the challenge stitch each week! and they make me want to get out the needle again – they are such thorough explorations thanks for joining the challenge

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