Knotted Cretan scribbles

The “off grid” piece is not finished now. I made some progress on it, maybe one more day to go. I’ve got a clear idea in my mind where it needs to go. Getting there is the questionable part of the matter.


Here is a series of stitches where I was concerned with shape. The variations are because of the direction of the stitching. I believer the first row is L to R next row R to L and so on.. L to R, R to L, L to R.


Here are experiments with more than one knot on the second and third row. Knots are added above the stitch and then below the stitch respectively.


I like these experiments, but clearly I need some more practice to be more uniform.


One Response to Knotted Cretan scribbles

  1. Sara says:

    I like your combination of stitches and colours very much!

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