Off grid on the knotted Cretan stitch

I enjoyed doing some “off grid” work yesterday — a nice change of pace. Is it finished? I am not sure.


I tried a few experiments, for instance, on the light green and olive thread to the left you’ll see that I made more than one knot. On the olive thread to the right I made some very long prongs on the right side and short prongs on the left. This was a rather failed experiment because the longest prongs wouldn’t stay in place and I ended up couching them with some blue thread. I wasn’t too pleased with the ribbon experiment either. You see that I abandon it almost as soon as I started it at the lower right. The blue silk cord was fun. I couched some of it but along other portions I looped it into the Cretan knot as I made it.

“On grid” work didn’t seem to go anywhere. This is the only thing out of it that I liked and that is because of the texture.



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