TSTC Week 13: Knotted Cretan

TSTC week thirteen is underway with the knotted Cretan stitch!

The first three trials are on a countable ground, but I wasn’t counting.




But I counted here!


As you may notice I over loaded the channels with too much pink thread. The top and bottom green lines are made by wrapping the thread around each prong of the Cretan stitch. The Very Petite Velvet doesn’t show a clear definition but the texture is great to the touch.

I hope most of you that stop by this blog are regularly reading Sharon b’s. She is constantly doing far more than organizing TSTC and making introductions the to weekly stitch. Her links to other needlework information fascinate and educate me. And her own needlework is so inspiring, too! Naturally her blog is full of examples. But she has some past exhibits on her website and I loved it when I took the time to go through them.


2 Responses to TSTC Week 13: Knotted Cretan

  1. MadyH says:

    You come up with such interesting examples for each stitch. This week’s is a new stitch for me, and not turning out to be one of my favorites.

  2. Helen Ann says:

    Hi really like the stitching samples. You asked about unkinking cord. One suggestion which you might try with a small piece to see if it works is to wash it gently and then wind it pulling it round a lrge curve such as a bed post while it is still wet and let it dry. This will only work if it isn’t to plasticy. The only thing I know to do with plasticy stuff is wind it with a good pull onto a larger reel and see if it will unkink
    regards H

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