Final tinys for couching

I had lots of fun over the weekend thinking up more tiny thoughts on couching. My only regret is that I didn’t have more time to stitch them all. I have some drawings to tuck away in my resource book for later. I’ve certainly enjoyed touring TSTC blogs and the flickr account this week. There is wonderful work out there to see.

It’s raining in the central valley this evening so there isn’t too much light. As a result I’m not going to post several photos. I hope you enjoy all the rest.

A few fills

tstc12eplaidpinkflowers.png tstc12eplaidpinklines2.png

tstc12egreenpinklines.png tstc12eallpinkfill.png

And one lone line that survived the lighting problem cuts!



2 Responses to Final tinys for couching

  1. Corina says:

    It was a great joy for me to follow your work this week!

  2. Lynne of the Dancing Rose says:

    All those samples are very, VERY nice, but I’ve fallen in love with the red lattice with the detached chain flowers. Simple, but soooo elegant! It would also adapt very well as a lace fill, which I shall experiment with one of these days.

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