Content with tinys

I had been thinking about doing bigger pieces this weekend, but all I’ve done is tinys! So I must be content with them. For some reason my mind is running in all these little tiny directions and not into one big design. So I’m tucking these away for future reference.



The purple thread in the second photo is some kind of cord for beading. I bought it because I couldn’t resist the color. What a mistake! The camera doesn’t do the color justice and it has kinks from being wrapped around a card. The kinks seem to stay, no matter what I’ve done to them so far. If you know any tips for getting rid of the kinks with out ruining a shiny cord, I would certainly appreciate a tip in comments, thanks!

If you didn’t noticed the kinks in the last photo, no one will miss them in this one below. I like this idea, but this is not good stitching. The yellow thread gave a disappointing performance, too. The twist is very loose. I remember another strange thing, now. The ribbon is actually dark violet both vertically and horizontally. Here they don’t even appear to be the same ribbon.


Well, here are a last few tiny ideas!





2 Responses to Content with tinys

  1. Susan says:

    I do like that crown stitch, too. You’ve done a lot of neat experimenting here. I really like the top picture with the turquoise. Looks tricky!

    On the cord, what about pressing it with a steam iron, set on silk, with a towel over it?

  2. Vicki says:

    I love all the innovative and experimental things that you are doing with the stitches – I seem to have ground to a halt at the moment and need something like your blog to inspire me – keep up the good work and have fun doing it.

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