Two more tiny works

Yes, my work week is winding down and I’ve hardly had a moment to stitch…so I have only two more tiny works. The first one I’ve nick named “RWB”, for red, white and blue. I have room to expand that design, if I have the inclination this weekend. I had fun with it, but I should have put a shinny blending thread with the white Perle cotton.


The next one is a trade off between visible and almost invisible couching. The visible blue is herringbone. The invisible is a tiny whipped stitch. The photo is more than twice life size. So at least for my eyes in real life that peach thread is pretty close to invisible unless the light hits it just right.


My boss is a little better thankfully, but I don’t know what next week holds. I will be making every minute of this weekend count a little more, so I’m ready to help there if needed.

We still have no identification on the variation of the up and down buttonhole stitch that we are now calling a triple up and down buttonhole stitch (I formerly referred to it as a three prong or multi-prong variation). Sharon b very kindly posted another request for help with identification. If you’re interested in seeing the posts that include that variation, I’ve now added it as a separate category on the side bar. If just interested in seeing how the stitch is made here is the step-by-step. Many thanks to Sharon and all of you who already willingly looked and went through stitch books to help with the identity.


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