Tiny works

My week has been a bit crazy with my on the job time almost doubled! Not as much time for stitching and blogging as I like. My boss had a procedure on his back Monday and we will see how he is by Friday. He says lot of pain–definitely not a report that we’d hoped to hear. I’ve posted these two tiny couching works below. The first is decorative for the most part not too functional. All straight stitches.


The second is functional! Look at the first line of the thread. The camera caught it exactly where apparently I hadn’t pulled the first stitch snug. And I didn’t add enough stitches in couching to hold it down and secure it either. The yellow stitches are random cross stitches or rice stitches. The red-orange lines are like just a back and forth grid pattern.


Thank you for all the comments! I had time to get comments added tonight. And to the side bar I added Sharon b‘s stitch dictionary. Vivian provided it in a comment for us and I thought it was a great idea to also put it where any one can get to it easily. Thanks for a great comment and idea, Vivian!


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