TSTC Week 12: Couching

As some of you know and others may have guessed, my blog was down. I only got word from tech folks at the blog this afternoon (USA west coast time) that it has all been straightened out again. And yes, thankfully it was all on their end. I will be catching up with some of the comments that I hesitated to post because of the problems I was seeing. I still have no news about identification. I will be so excited if we have some soon and will post it as soon as we have anything definite.

Over the weekend I did some off grid work to relax and added a little more to a tiny piece that I’d started when we were doing the eyelet stitch.


No! Sharon b did not tip me off that this week was going to be couching. Sharon has written a great introduction to this type of work and given me ideas for things I’ve never tried. I love couching–both fills and lines. And you can see here that I tried a bit of both in lower portion of this. The tiny white stitches on the right are cross stitches; the white stitching on the lower left and center are up and down buttonhole stitches worked on a curve and over lapping the previous row.

I did do some more “off grid” work with the up and down buttonholes, a shrub or branch of some kind. My colors do not match the thought very well, perhaps.

tstc11eoffgridblue.png tstc11eoffgridred.png

Then this piece is a throw away except for the fact that at the bottom it lead me back to some “on grid” work again.


Here’s some of the “on grid” work with that thought …tstc11eongridblue2.png

I started off with three prong then moved to multi-prong up and down buttonhole stitches with two different ways of switching from side to side. To cover up the little line forming between the two groups of prongs, I used a straight stitch.

That lead me back to the regular up and down buttonhole stitch (two prongs). I make a grid on the same principle as the first part of the work above. Then I filled in some of the diamond shapes with what I think of as a horizontal queen stitch. … Would that photo look better turned ninety degrees?



One Response to TSTC Week 12: Couching

  1. Corina says:

    I love your first piece:colors, composition, everything goes so nice in place!

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