A few more trials

I’ve been working with the three prong up and down buttonhole idea a bit more. Thank you, if you’ve been working on trying to identify this variation. If you’ve left a comment for me or added a link to your blog about this, thank you very much. I’ll be posting any word about identification.

If by some chance you’re not familiar with Sharon b’s Take a Stitch Tuesdays Challenge, please do take a look around at what’s been going on. There are so many wonderful stitchers involved and producing great pieces each week. Every Tuesday (that Monday in the USA) Sharon writes an introduction to another stitch; and we explore it. There is a flickr account where you can see a great amount of the work all at once. And don’t hesitate to join in if you’re interested, the challenge is very flexible.



In the process of working with three prongs, I thought how easily it could go to a multi-prong. All I did was repeat the middle step using various angles with every one stitched into the middle hole, hidden under the little loop. It makes that middle portion rather like a partial eyelet stitch. The beginning and end are still the same as the up and down buttonhole stitch.



I’m still having fun with the regular up and down buttonhole and tried a fill pattern here. Between the first and second row I used a little upright cross stitch between the gaps. Then I tried to improve it by adding a woven stitches in the gaps. Not an improvement, I think!



5 Responses to A few more trials

  1. Jenny says:

    to Quieter Moments -many , many thanks for all of your Tast samples, and clear explanatory notes. As a newcomer to embroidery, I’m finding Sharon’s weekly intro. to different stitches invaluable, and I look forward to all the different solutions produced by participants worldwide [the worldwide notion still makes me gasp!] This week has been special with your ‘new’ stitch. I’m sure I was one of many who tried looking in stitch dictionaries etc. to track it down. Has anyone else found it yet? Not being really savvy with links and things, I may have missed some comments. Thank you again – looking forward to your next entry!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Just a quick update for anyone else wondering about this: I’ve yet to hear of any identification. I will be eager to post it when I do, since so many have been kind in helping hunt for it.

    Also thank many thanks to those who have left comments, linked to the posts or worked with the variation.

  3. Vivian says:

    Your combinations are beautiful!
    Here is the link to Sharon’s stitch dictionary:

  4. Susan says:

    All of the experiments you’ve posted have been really interesting. I like seeing the possibilities that other people see and that I missed. =)

  5. […] Hearts are Up and Down Buttonhole Stitch based on detail 255 which had been inspired by one of Elizabeth’s stitches, When Elizabeth saw what I did with her stitch she commented that it wouldn’t take much to […]

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