Circles, lines and fills

I’m getting a bit behind in posting some of these experiments. And then trying to get a couple of them ready, I found errors. The camera see better than my eyes do sometimes! And even then some mistakes still slip through.



A circle based fill.


A line or two



And a fill idea that seems like it could work for couching something, too.


Another line


Playing around a bit more with the three prong…


I want to say thank you to Sharon b for putting out a request to identify this variation. I appreciate her hunting very much. And if you’ve come to help or have already been working on it, my thanks go out to you also.


3 Responses to Circles, lines and fills

  1. Margaret says:

    All your variations are all wonderful. I am so impressed that I tried one of them and credited you in my blog. Thank you!

  2. mariyarn says:

    A master with your needle, you amaze me everytime I drop by.

  3. Bernadette H. says:

    Oh, Elizabeth, how beautiful. You are definitely the winner on this stitch, and still the all around champ in my book. I am so glad you have the time to work out so many variations. It’s an inspiration to those of us mired in the corporate world, to say nothing of a time-saver!

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