School girl’s heart

Among a number of things done today…


Well, I confess I didn’t start out thinking about a heart. I started out with a curved line. So a heart was not too big a jump once the curved line was in place.


Then for some reason I’ve been struggling with this fill all week and came up with a couple more variations.

tstc10cfill1.png tstc10cfill2.png

Then out of no where… tstc10csquare.png

To bend the rules a little more I tried a detached barred chain stitch, if there is such a thing. And here is the progression.

tstc10cdetached1.png tstc10cdetached2.png



One Response to School girl’s heart

  1. Corina says:

    A lot of nice ideas! For me this stitch was not so “friendly”, so I admire the way you manage to play with it!

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