A few fly stitch fills and borders

Well, I took a few minutes away from some of my other work to try a few ideas on fills and borders. Of course, those few minutes turned into about an hour. But I’m still glad I did it. And I did finish one project except for the fastening yesterday. One more should be finished off by Tuesday and I figured out what to do with a third that had been hanging around for too long. I feel extremely happy about that. Because there are three more that need stitching and I can hardly wait to start them. I brought one more in the preliminary stage last week.

I hope you won’t be bored by the repetitive colors. I nicknamed this my peaches and cream collection. The benefit to me is that as I evaluate the variations, I’m not influenced by the color but consider the design, negative space and so forth. A couple of these are crying out to me that they should move out of Perle 8 and go into another thread. Several others cry out for embellishment.









As you may notice I did only one “off grid” piece. This was on the very first post about the fly stitch. Everything in today’s post is counted. I laugh over my love for both the formal, counted side of stitching and design and the uncounted freestyle. I do think the rest from the formal counted side has allowed me to come back to it with a real zest for the best parts of it. I feel thankful for the freeing experience of doing other designs without the constant concern of replicating every stitch. Sharon b‘s class on the personal library of stitches was instrumental in this, so I send out a big thanks to her for that class and TSTC along with prayers and best wishes for a successful surgery and recovery.


2 Responses to A few fly stitch fills and borders

  1. Bernadette H. says:

    Really lovely, creative use of this stitch. Your work has given me a lot of inspiration to try another few rows on my sampler.

  2. Kay Susan says:

    Elizabeth, your samples are a constant source of inspiration!

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