Small embellishments to feather stitch grids

I did some feather stitch patterns earlier in the week and took time to work with them today. I’m still learning to work with beads and to think about embellishment like crazy quilters do. I could probably count on one hand all the needlework pieces with beads added until I took Sharon b’s Personal Library of Stitches class at the end of last year. She’s giving it again and it starts February 20. Perhaps you can still sign up, if you haven’t done so already, please do check it out. The link for the sign up is on the upper right side board. It was a wonderful class and Sharon is an excellent teacher.

Any way here are the side by sides. You can tell which times the sun was out can’t you!






While I’m not totally satisfied with this work. The grids are definitely fun to play with. My last design lesson had a great deal of practice exercises on the concept of using a grid, distorting it and then using it as a base for a design. Here I did not try distorting the grid but I’m planning on a few experiments along that line as TSTC progresses.

I want to add that I’m fairly new to WordPress and only today I caught up with the anti-spam program they have in place. It some how recognized a perfectly fine comment as spam. They also reported having caught several others which I didn’t review. My apologies if any other comment that should have been posted was not. I know where to look and review these now.


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