More dealings with the feather stitch


I’ve got this piece under way. The long-term goal, once the stitching is finished, is to bead, cord and mount it on a cover for one of my journals. It’s unusual for me to do anything for TSTC that I don’t get done within the week, but this is one.

I’m also trying to limit myself to just the buttonhole family for this piece. I think the feather stitch belongs to it. What I’ve done with the purple thread may be a stretch. The inner yellow circles are a buttonhole stitch, but then again perhaps they could be considered a feather stitch with one common hole (or nearly common center) and moving each stitch around it. When I was stitching I couldn’t see any difference between the two concepts. However, I’m not an expert and my thinking some times drifts dangerously beyond what a well-trained mind would allow.

As you may see below, I’m still fascinated with the closed feather stitch and its variation.



One Response to More dealings with the feather stitch

  1. Mary Corbet says:

    I love the work on the red, especially (I’m inordinately fond of working in multi-colors on red fabrics!). A journal cover’s a great idea! Nice job!

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