TSTC Week 7: The Feather Stitch


TSTC is rolling into week 7 with the feather stitch. Sharon b has given us a wonderful introduction to this stitch. I love her fills and lines. Lovely work is popping up all over the net on this stitch already. And now there is a great new way to to access it quickly.

Click on the link for “week 7” and scroll down to the comments. People are going to leave a notice in the comments about the work they post during the week. For this week, since the earlier posts were answering another question Sharon posed to the people involved in the challenge, I’d suggest going to the very last comment and working your way back up the list for the postings of the stitchers’ work.

I’ve been having fun doing my own feather stitching. Here are a few things–pretty pedestrian trials. But if there is good weather tomorrow and I wake up early, some more photos should be here by tomorrow at this time. Today I had to fly to work early and stay late. There was little light outside and no time to retake my fuzzy fill work photos!

tstc7alines1.png tstc7alines2.png

I experimented more with some Petite Very Velvet thread (thank you, Elizabeth Dee!). This time I stitched it into a suede cloth. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. The thread still looked in great shape at the end, too!



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