TSTC Week 6: Algerian eye and Eyelet Stitches

Sharon b introduced two great stitches hand in hand for this week’s challenge. If you’re new to TSTC please check it out. It’s lots of fun, a very flexible commitment and growing every week. Look around Sharon’s blog while you’re there. She has many interesting projects underway and a couple of classes are beginning soon. You will find them here at her blog.

I did a lot of experiments early last year with these stitches and had fun last night doing a few things that quickly came to mind.



Of course, these are the perfect stitches for attaching sequins.


Then some how I began to think about rickrack. I’m not sure these are very wise ideas, but you can see that I had more than one or two thoughts about it. And in some cases I played around with how many legs were need or most decorative. It’s gray and sprinkling here so colors went all over the place in the editing process.


5 Responses to TSTC Week 6: Algerian eye and Eyelet Stitches

  1. Sarah says:

    I adore your embroidered ric-rac! I specially like the top right hand corner of the forst pic, and the middle photo on the bottom.

  2. alice m says:

    I was thinking about trying this stitch to couch ric-rac and now I’m definitely going to give it a go. Adore those sequins by the way and the threads too – the colours are zinging here on a grey day and have cheered me. Thanks.

  3. Marty52 says:

    Oh, I like the exact same parts of the rick rack as Sarah… that is a definite keeper and the colors are outstanding!

  4. neki says:

    the ric rac idea is fantastic.thanks for the inspiration

    neki desu

  5. nina says:

    megadittos…thanks for the inspiration

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