Wandering about the Chevron

Here we go with the post for today:



I’ve been having fun in the evenings spending time on TSTC stitching. Above everything uses the chevron stitch except the yellow thread in square and the blue thread in the other photo.

On the almost diamond below, I got carried away with the thought “what if one leg of the stitch went one way and the other when 180 degrees the other”. Sleep overcame me before I made much headway on tests for other degrees ranges. I’m not sure that this is still considered the chevron stitch. But since I loved the texture, I posted it. If you know what stitch this is, please post a comment to let me know. Thanks!


The other thing I’ve been practicing is how to take a chevron line from one to two lines and bringing in a third line. Unfortunately, the pictures on this area didn’t come out clear.


3 Responses to Wandering about the Chevron

  1. Love all your Chevron experiements. You’ve done so much interesting stuff with a stitch that I thought had few possibilities to work with. Congrats :)

  2. Kay Susan says:

    I like that second sample, and I don’t know if that stitch has a name or not either, but I like it!

  3. alice m says:

    I agree about the texture of that purple and yellow sample, it’s lovely – the first thing I would want to do if I saw it in “real life” would be to touch it. Thanks for yet more super examples.

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