TSTC Week 4 Cretan Stitch

I’m so looking forward to the work this week with the Cretan stitch. You may see SharonB’s wonderful introduction to this stitch here. (And don’t forget her stitch dictionary.) Sharon showed using this stitch in a circle and I tried it last night. I nearly died laughing at myself! I never mark my cloth, I eyeball it. Well, maybe it is time for me start marking. I’ve been fussing around with some experiments from the buttonhole and detached chain stitch.

I just went to edit and upload my pictures and Photoshop Elements is not recognizing my card in the drive. I can’t imagine what has gone wrong at the moment. I’m going to have to fiddle around with this more after work. In the meantime this is some of my work with the Cretan stitch in Sharon PLS class.



One Response to TSTC Week 4 Cretan Stitch

  1. Nancilyn says:

    I’m just enthralled with what you’re going. Your inventiveness with stitches knows no bounds. Very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

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