End bits on the detached chain stitch


These are a few other things that I’ve been doing to explore the detached chain stitch. This is on felt and those below on linen. Except for a few French knots, straight stitches and the basket handle, everything is the the detached chain stitch. In a few places I tried using more than one tie down–some radiating from the same spot, others from two or more spots. I wanted to do more work with linear patterns, but so far my experiments are ending up on the scrap pile!


Since I have very little time to experiment as much as I think this stitch deserves, I love the round up that Sharon provides. It allows me to see the work of other stitchers. I enjoy them all and learn so much. What a great group there is in TSTC. And more are joining in!

I was reviewing my goals and didn’t want to neglect to use my 100/3 on some higher count linen. But I’m not sure how to show it on the blog. The work is much smaller and more dense than the photo shows. But without the blowup its very hard to see what is done with the stitch.


I don’t know if it is apparent to an on looker, but it rather amazes me how differently I work with this type of thread and high count linen. At the moment, I can’t sort out what if anything the medium dictates and what is merely due to my own my experience and response to it.


2 Responses to End bits on the detached chain stitch

  1. Kay Susan says:

    What a gorgeous set of samples, love that flower basket!

  2. ElizabethD says:

    I love the flower basket, too, but I also love what you’ve done on the linen. The difference in style comes through very clearly, but it is also recognizable as your style, or one of your styles. I am trying to picture it on 36-count linen, it must look like a tiny jewel. Again, it’s very interesting to hear you think about the way you develop your patterns. I wonder how you’ll answer your question about responding to the medium versus responding to experience? Thank you so much.

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