Lines off and on grid


Except for some straight stitches everything is a detached chain stitch. As you may notice I was fascinated by the tie down portion of the stitch last night. I tried it at various angles and lengths. So far I’ve limited myself to one tie down but I’m thinking of using more.  The green row at the very bottom is made up of detached chain stitches over one thread with the tie down coming up, catching the loop and reinserted at the same spot. As you may see, I had some trouble making the size consistent when working with the Perle 5 thread. The yellow and blue are Perle 8. And the orange is a Perle 5 like the green. The green loops running along the bottom of the first section alternate between over three and over four threads. The yellow thread in that same section is the “off grid” line–no counting threads there!


3 Responses to Lines off and on grid

  1. ElizabethD says:

    Oh, I simply LOVE this! My jaw swung open when the image popped onto my screen, and it took me a while to take in all your innovations because these stitches work together so well as a whole. I love what you’ve done with the angled yellow loops, but then again I love the tie-downs too. And the colors…. wow.

  2. neki desu says:

    i love the way you worked the stitch, very creative

    neki desu

  3. Love your detatched chain stitch work :)

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