TSTC Week 3 Detached Chain Stitch

This week Sharon b’s TSTC stitch is the detached chain stitch. She has written a great introduction and it challenges me to dig down deeper and work harder with this stitch. I hope this week I won’t just skate the surface but do investigative work on this stitch.

This stitch is one that caught my eye when I first became aware of Sharon’s blog during her 100 details last year. While I had gone through several of her exhibits and used her stitch dictionary a year or so before, her stitch details drew me back every day.

My first experiment for the detached chain stitch is a straight line over 5 with Perle 8, 100/3 and yarn (L to R). I stitched it close, padded, further apart (all turning every other stitch), then the lower row(s) all stitched the same way. I don’t think this is the normal mode for this stitch. But on some of the lines, I enjoyed the texture. I can see it going from wide to narrow and being easy to control for density. Then I had the wonderful thought what if I slanted the stitch! I’m planning to have at least one more session with the lines and than move into the more traditional points and circles. I’m eager to try some of the felt padding Sharon showed in her article.



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