The end of TSTC week 2


Well at the end of the week for TSTC I can say I did have fun with the buttonhole stitch! It wasn’t until Saturday that my aversion was gone. Now, I can say I will use it again. It is very versatile! It can provide more then a good sturdy finish to hardanger piece. It can add a lot of interest because of its texture. It follows curves and angles, couches a ribbon or large thread. It works as a fill in a variety of ways. As I already knew it’s great in corner treatments. If stitched in a circle, makes a great focal point. Is pretty tidy on the back side.

After looking at Sharon’s roundup I was even more impressed with what a great stitch this really is. There are so many creative things being done! I love the experiments, the designs and the learning taking place everywhere I went. And most of all I appreciate Sharon for starting us off each week and then pulling it all together and keeping track of everything happening. Thank you for doing a wonderful job with it, Sharon!

Above are some barred buttonholes. Below are some detached buttonhole areas. I was challenging myself with increases and decreases of the stitch. Not perfect yet, but improved! The method in the top triangle differs from that used in the other two areas. On the top area only buttonhole stitch loops are attached to each subsequent row. The other areas have an additional straight line of thread right below the last line of stitching that is also caught up into the loop of the next row. At the lower right edge of the picture is a discarded trial of a group of mushrooms or toadstools. Some how the top triangle in the first experiment reminded me of them, but my attempt to make up a group of them sure didn’t turn out well.


I tried another blue flower with the spokes turned outward this time. The idea came to me as I was writing a comment in the post “The Buttonhole Bit by Bit”. This flower has a woven fill. I want to try another with a wrapped fill and then try one with buttonhole edgings at both the center and the outer edge.



One Response to The end of TSTC week 2

  1. Kay Susan says:

    Just terrific. Your samples are inspirational.

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